s2rc - sheet 2 redmine converter

LibreOffice Calc :

* Start LibreOffice Calc and create own table
* Save file to Excel 2003 (*.xls) using MS format
* Open xls using upper button
* Click button "Convert to Redmine table!"
* Click on generated text and copy selected text (Redmine table format)
* Paste generated table in Redmine

This application currently supports:

* Calculating formulas ( for example: "=sum(A7:K17)" )
* Merged cells
* Bold font
* Italic font
* Font color
* Background color
* Text aligning (left/center/right)

Table in LibreOffice Calc saved to MS EXCEL 2003 (*.xls) :

Left: LibreOffice Calc (EXCEL 2003)
Right: Redmine table

LibreOffice Calc - PODGLĄD PLIKU XLS Redmine - wygląd tabelki z pliku XLS

Example file to test: test_merged_cells.xls